Welcome to Ontario Pool Supply!

Pool Openings are just about over! Time to maintain your pool with high quality Regal chemicals to keep your pool strait and spotless!

regal products

We offer many products for your pool needs.

Chemical Products

Name brands such as, Synergy System, Regal chemicals, Apllied Biochemist, and Spapure. If you need chlorine liquid and powder, sanitizers, allgaecide, muriatic acid, antifreeze, balancers, ancellaries, oxidizers, DE powder, pool sand, bromine, pool salt, bags of glass, calicum chloride, alkalinity, up ph, we have that and much more.

Products for Hayward Systems

Sand Filters for Inground and Above Ground Pools. Replacements parts for any type of filter. Pumps for Above Ground and inground pools. Replacement parts parts for pumps such as o-rings, pump covers, and more.

Pool Accessories

Solar covers, Vacuums hoses, Skimmer nets, skimmer baskets, Skimmer system parts, ladder anchors, pool vacuum heads, plumbing parts, floating thermometers, test strips, scrub brushes, kid floats and more